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Letter to Burmecia [15 Aug 2004|11:25pm]
((In response to Fratley's entry. Visible only to him and whoever he may show it to.))

Dear Sir Fratley Irontail:

Thank you for allowing us both to know of your intentions and your blessings Sir Irontail. I wish the same for all of us, and do hope that your people can forgive Alexandria's past actions.

Your progress in defense is an incredibly wise tactic to undergo. I am ashamed to have not done the same for Alexandria earlier, though I believe I am to evacuate its citizens very soon as I anticipate only conflict ahead for the time being. Should you notice the same build up of defenses around my own kingdom in the near future, rest assured that it had been learned and carried out with the same intentions as your own. You may call upon Alexandria's aid whenever you should need it in turn.

I regret my sudden need for a sudden meeting gave no time for you to attend, though you seem busy as it is. King Puck has by good fortune managed to find his way to this meeting, however. (I am also very concerned for his state and allied influences. I should leave his care to his those closest to him, however.)

From the meeting, I should inform you of my intentions to investigate alternative methods from a brutal world's war. It has come to my attention that Alexandria has acquired prisoners from the opposing worlds, and I intend to have parley with them. I also have researchers investigating the rifts, as I believe they and the creator of them, Seygora Ulerath, to be the sole cause of this world unbalance. From this suspicion stems my hope for peace between the warriors of other worlds themselves.

Perhaps I should also communicate with you that I have no intention of allowing Alcarin to fully control this capital. From my reports and recent experiences of her, I am sorry to say I cannot trust her as of yet, even though the majority of the party here seem ready to follow her orders, King Puck included. If she has indeed used my troops as a tool for more senseless destruction, I fear that Alexandria will be unable to redeem itself.

There is much to say and explain, but for now I will leave you with this opening. I understand that we may both be unable to meet due to circumstances as they are. I will do my best to keep in contact with you. May your kingdom and people fare well in these times of trouble.


Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
6 Fell From Grace

Self-Excused Absence [08 Aug 2004|06:30pm]
As the blocky summit car finally rode over the last hillside and slowed to a stop with an exhausted hiss of steam, the few passengers on board began to filter off into the rural station. Among them was a figure of shorter stature, the height and build able to be distinguished as that of a lady. However, the girl was cloaked in a white overcoat, trimmed in pink, with the hood firmly in place to conceal most of her features. From here, it would only be a short walk back to the next grand city of Alexandria. She only hoped that it wouldn't be too late.

The ebony haired bird had flown from her own kingdom unannounced to go to the night city of Treno. Everything had been happening so fast that there was no time to stop and talk with anyone at all about it. In spite of her position, her voice was actually much smaller than one would have assumed. Problems and issues had risen up on every side of her, both outside and personal, that it was hard to ask anyone to just listen in what naive fantasies she may have contrived to remedy the situation. Maybe there were a good handle of people that could listen to her. But they were either gone, or gave her reason to no longer talk with them.

At Treno, she had met with the one other person that she wouldn't be interupting and would not upset her. Doctor Tot was growing old, but his mind was still as active and curious as ever. The new phenomenon of different worlds was a new occurrence to further learn and study on, investigate with the ability to first handedly interact with. Dagger did her best to help in the study and understand what was going on, but her own personal troubles often wavered her attention to further education on formulas and numbers. The good doctor was more capable of handling the physics and intricacies anyway. The best she could do was to provide hope and ideas, and that she was rather good of at.

What their prime focus of study had been centered on was the rift phenomonon. How to remedy the affliction they caused as a result of their prescience, if it were really possible to simply close them, what their "imbalance" actually caused as a result, if it were really nessecary to eliminate other worlds for the sake of their own. Her mognifier had been thoroughly dissected and now lay in carefully protected pieces about the observatory table.

It may have been too hopeful, but somehow, both Garnet and Dagger wished to try for her goals. What had come out of their short research session was the need for more information. And to get that, Dagger would have to go back to her kingdom as Garnet and consult with the acclaimed general of her world's faction, as well as with the people of the other worlds. A daunting task, with much more dangerous obstacles to be passed in between, but she knew she had to try even if no one else would. Courage, strength, and the fight to strive for what was right had been virtues carved into her all her life. The journey around Gaia, to Terra and back already showing her that there were other worlds, taught her that feats weren't only performed on ink and parchment and stages.

Terra. Madain Sari. No place should ever have to be erased again. And she would do her best not to allow that statement to be clouded.

All she had to worry about for now was being scolded by her gaurdian knights for having left on her own. She knew very well that anyone and everyone rarely let her out to do things on her own.
From Grace

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